Publications, Presentations, Consultations

  • "Managing Non-State Threats with Cumulative Deterrence-by-Denial." Perspectives on Terrorism 11, no. 2 (April 2017),
  • “Targeted Killings and Compellence: Lessons from the Campaign against Hamas in the Second Intifada,” Perspectives on Terrorism 10, no. 3 (June 14, 2016),
  • “After the Tel Aviv Shootings, Israel Faces Three Choices,” The Telegraph, June 9, 2016, Online edition, sec. Opinion,
  • “Israel and Hamas: Stabilizing Deterrence,” Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs 9, no. 3 (September 2, 2015): 405–15, doi:10.1080/23739770.2015.1124314,
  • Article in Britain’s Telegraph on whether the current violence is or will be a new Intifada:
  • Spoke at a Medsin (global student medical charity) short certification course on migration and health. Explained the political causes of the refugee crisis.
  • Contributed to two Telegraph articles on Syrian refugees: and the 20 terror attacks that changed the world:
  •  Review: "International aviation and terrorism: evolving threats, evolving security". Defence Studies, 12 August 2015: 
  • Database of all Hamas terror attacks on Israelis from 1987 to (currently) the end of 2016:
  • August 2014: Presentation at the US Joint Analysis Center at RAF Molesworth on Israel and Hamas, as well as on my recent visit to the West Bank.
  • July 2014: Strife journal blog: Israel vs. Hamas: Undermining Deterrence.
  • February 2014: Email and phone consultations with members of UK FCO on potential for deterring Afghan Taliban
  • February 2014: Presentation at Cumberland Lodge on Israel, Hamas, and deterrence
  • October 2012: Presentation at Cumberland Lodge on potential for Hamas to deter Israel
  • Master’s thesis: Recognition, Sanctions, and Armed Intervention (2010). Is the US more likely to apply comprehensive sanctions or intervene militarily against countries or governments it does not recognize?
  • Many articles on global issues on this blog


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