Am I a Real American? Did the Real John McCain die 3 months ago?

As the election season reaches its peak I have to start wondering what happened to John McCain in this final stretch. A man who put his reputation on the line as the Straight Talking Maverick has done no such thing in these final months. He recently shattered his only remaining self proclaimed positive quality as a unifier within the U.S.(definitely not abroad as accurately portrayed by Mr. Kirchofer in his 10/21article). The Real America comment delivered by Governor Palin, and in the same day the Real Virginia comment given by a McCain Advisor, Nancy Pfotenhauer, is a brief glimpse into the morphing McCain approach. The straight talk express has run out of gas, (no energy pun implied) this has now become the divide and conquer campaign of the Rove era. Pitting Americans against Americans, redefining how to divide the country.

The idea that a Candidate can discount an opposing opinion of what is good for this country because they do not represent “Real America” treads on the foundation of free speech and the very concept of patriotism. When debating issues that go back at least two decades without a solution (energy independence, global warming, social security, healthcare, education reform) it is just outrageous to say that an opposing view, held by a lot of U.S. citizens should be ignored, or are some how less valuable because they do not live in Real America. These comments suggest that the Republican ticket will just represent their constituency in Real America if elected. The very concept of trying to segregate the country into Republican and everyone else is what John McCain was supposed to stand against! Some would say these may not be the views of the Senator from Arizona, but unfortunately the views of his campaign have shown me a dark side of his incredible lack of good judgment.

It was not too long ago that everyone loved John McCain, me included. The whole country could get behind the ideals of this centrist, pro-middleclass, patriot in 2004. It was not long ago that Senator McCain seemed so centrist he was asked to balance the democratic ticket. He did turn down the offer to run as VP with Senator Kerry, but he was still a corner stone of his casual campaigning. 2004 John McCain was an American, not a Republican. (Comically while doing research for this article I came across this interesting NYTimes article focused on gas prices in 2004, again it was about a bill cosponsored by Kerry and McCain.)

Reflecting on the last 8 months you may ask what happened to the “Real” 2004 John McCain you watched over and over again on the Daily Show?... The answer - he became a Republican. What it all boils down to is John McCain was tricked into believing that the only way he could be elected is if he tricked America. He retreated into the republican election doctrine: scare Americans into voting for you. Fear carries the vote it is a proven Republican model. To prove my point all you have to do is listen to John McCain’s latest Robo calls.

When I put it all in perspective it actually makes me sad. John McCain of 2004 was somewhat of a statesman. Independent, strong willed, honest American. Now, I cannot believe John McCain has allowed this to happen, he no longer runs his show, something I would have never expected from a man who has turned over his entire campaign team twice. The villain to me is the Republican Party who should be ashamed of what they have done to a war hero, and a former positive force in American politics. The McCain of 2008 has now become a divisive force in America: Wall Street vs. Main Street, Real America vs. Fake (non-republican) America, Rich People vs. Joe the Plumber. Senator McCain, you let me down, you let the country down, how did you let this happen?


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