Will there be a third Palestinian intifada?

For the first time in a decade, the idea of generalised strikes, riots, protests, and violence escalating to “intifada” proportions looks entirely plausible. Escalation by Israel, and Hamas in Gaza, looks likely

Israel, especially Jerusalem, has experienced a steady string of small-scale attacks since the war in Gaza last summer.
Attacks have intensified in the past month. On Sunday alone, the Israeli Air Force carried out overnight strikes in Gaza and there were violent clashes near Nablus, Tulkarm, and in the Abu Dis area of Jerusalem.
At the same time, increasing numbers of protestors gathered in Gaza near the border with Israel and a general strike was declared in the Palestinian territories for Tuesday.
Perhaps most worryingly, a Palestinian woman and an Israeli police officer were wounded in the West Bank near Jerusalem when she detonated a gas canister in her car in what would have been the first suicide bombing in Israel since 2008.


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